(DID YOU KNOW: Actors normally write their own bios. If the actors do not write them, their agents, managers or publicists do – with a lot of help from the actors.)

Keith Powell is an unqualified genius.

He also happens to be a rising star of American stage and screen. Often drawing comparisons to a young Sidney Poitier, Powell has quickly and firmly etched himself a place in the lexicon of modern entertainment. He has shown an amazing range for a young actor, jumping effortlessly from comedy to drama to a Wendy’s commercial. Other favorable comparisons have included Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Alfonso Ribeiro (you know, Carlton from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air). Much like these heralded names, fans and critics alike have noted that he is “well-spoken”, “educated” and “for the most part, non-threatening."

He received his BFA in Theater from New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts, where he was widely regarded as a pretty decent lover as well as an above average beer pong player. A career in regional theater followed where he portrayed everything from rappers (criminals) to kings (in-breeders) to the cognitively disabled (Irish). He has performed Shakespeare and contemporary works in some of the nation’s top theaters.

Keith later began working on television because it pays better and people recognize you. He appeared in such shows as "Law & Order", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (more commonly known as "Law & Order Jr."), "Guiding Light", "NCIS: Los Angeles", "Reno 911", and this really awesome pilot called "Judy’s Got A Gun" that you’ll never see because a certain bunch of geniuses at a certain network decided it lacked a certain something and sent it packing.

He is most widely known for his role as Toofer on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning sitcom "30 Rock". On the show, he plays a sarcastic and tight-assed Harvard-educated writer. It has, however, been noted by many that Keith Powell’s ass is, in fact, not especially tight. In 2009, Keith received the Screen Actors Guild Award as part of the Best Ensemble In A Comedy Series, which he likes to remind people about often in casual social settings.

Keith can be seen in the films "Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian" and "Syrup" because he's awesome and someone at the audition recognized that.

In addition, he has founded Contemporary Stage Company in Wilmington, DE; producing, directing and/or performing in plays starring Lynn Redgrave, Jasmine Guy, Keith David, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Richard Easton, all of whom are famous.

He is rumored to have taken at least 3 body shots from a stripper at Tassels on Route 13 in Ardmore, PA, which is, of course, totally against the rules.

Keith is also currently writing and developing several movie projects. He lives in Los Angeles with his television, couch, and Xbox 360.